Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dance, sing, act!

Katie has had so much fun at musical theater camp. She has a solo (The Rainbow Connection) and several other fun parts. We saw the first of three performances tonight and she was great. even better she a fabulous time, made a bunch of new friends and learned alot.


I Went to Utah a little while ago and while I was there we talked about a NO SPOILER policy. You see as some of you know the 7 Harry Potter book comes out the day the Reunion starts. So we thought that nobody should be able to tell about the book if they have already read it or reading it so as not to spoil it for the people who haven't read it. Think it will work???

Bailey K.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Little Late

OK, So this is a Little late but I forgot to mention the rest of my D.C. trip.

Well the next day with all the business meetings we went to nothing big happened. We went to a soccer bar and grill though, It was GROSS! The Spaghetti I was have was sticking to the rough of my mouth, the waitress didn't give us our change either. The next day we went to Australia, Well the Australia Embassy witch is technically owned by Australia. Then we walked to the White House it was so pretty. We took a metro to the monument and went to touch it, it is a lot taller in person. Then there was the W.W. II memorial a little ways so we walked to that it really made you think about life more clearly. Then that Saturday we had lunch with former CIA operatives and they were sweet. That night we went to a soccer game and got the seats way up high. I had a great time in D.C.!
Bailey K.