Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ocean's 11 minus 6

Hey Folks! Here's the Robert Lund Family update:

Robert Sr.-Yes, the rumors have been confirmed. Rob was called to be a Bishop in September of 2007. He now enjoys an increased amount of home and cell phone calls, and is faithfully serving everyone in the ward. Among his other duties as a Bishop he has helped families in the ward move, performed a marriage ceremony, and still kept his two jobs.

Marie-Has recently been called as a Sunday school teacher, but more importantly, is still a full time taxi driver, chef, Laundromat, and homemaker. yes, she is amazing; and no, her autograph is not for sale.

Rebekah-is now at BYU, where her major is Math Education, no History, wait maybe English. I guess its settled on undecided. However, she does love her roommates and her ward. She will be looking forward to another challenging semester at BYU for the winter. she will still be working in the math lab, but hopes to be able to spend more time relaxing.

Robert Jr-(disclaimer: he wrote this portion himself) soooooooooooooo, i have been doing great. having lots of fun building and riding motercycles (see video) but it's not as fun as speding time with my family at reunions. i hope everyone is feeling good and not too stressed at this holiday time of year. i have been attending davis high school. go darts. i can't wait for summer and my upcoming birthday--the big 17. And as a question to all--how much do we really get for making it 'till 17 and not dating? i just wanted a straight answer so i could give my dad a big, bad, BURN. burn, burn, dad!

Angela-Is still practicing the oboe, and has finally progressed to the point where tunes are recognizable. just kidding, she is in advanced band at her junior high school, and her talents seem to be expanding almost as fast as her wardrobe. she enjoys doting on her dog, and coloring in her Disney Princess coloring book in her spare time. rock on.

Cindy-(the cat) still alive after 10 years living outdoors
Tinkerbell-(the dog) enjoys temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius and also rarely touches the ground as she manages to be carried everywhere