Thursday, February 26, 2009

Response to Hey are you related to John Lund

So I walked into the temple last Saturday to do sealings. When I walked into the sealing office the brother greated me "Hello Brother Lund, you are Brother John Lund aren't you?" I answered yes and was very impressed until he started to tell me how much he enjoyed the Israel trip last year and wanted to know about my grandchildren.

This is not as bad as when I was at the house this last summer and little Ian ran into the house looking for Uncle John (really looking for J.T) then ran out and said to his mother "Uncle John isn't here but there's another Granddaddy in there"

The worst was about four years ago I went to church with mom and dad. Dad was parking the car and I sat by mom. One of the High Priest walked up and said "Brother Lund, you look great did you loose some weight or color your hair. You look 20 years younger" I thanked him and told him I was 23 years younger.