Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey, Hey!!

Isn't it cute???? I found it in a folder i was going through that was of the family reunion!! I found a bunch of others but i couldn't get them on this post. :'( I'll try on the next post though!! SOOOOOOOO... life has been good wayyyyy over here in pullman, wa! I got Student of the Month!!! Ohhh Yeah!!! Dad is possibly getting MORE people under him and that means MORE work! Kasey is having an awesome time in "A" days @ church, now that she is old enough! And Mom is being a mom and tring to get EVERYbody a presant for Christmas!! Thats a little bit of info in the wonderful world of ME!!

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Nicole Lund said...

WTG on student of the month Bailey! That's awesome!