Friday, January 16, 2009

Here's A "Hey are you related to John Lund?" Story

David and I were at dance class the other night and a new couple joined. We switch partners as we learn new steps so everyone gets a chance to dance with people who know what they are doing. When it was my turn to dance with the new guy he asked me if my father in law's name was John. (I'm sure this happens on occaision to most of us, usuallly by someone who has been on a cruise or a speaking engagement or has books or tapes and is a fan of Dad). This guy then asked if my father in law had ever lived in Olympia, if he had a bunch of kids, and if he had ever been the director of the Seattle Intitute. I said yes and he told me that John Lund was his bishop 30 years ago or so. He and his wife knew we were related not because they were familliar with Dad's current work but because David looks kind of like Dad did 30 years ago. I thought this was kind of funny but not nearly as funny as the wife remembering Mom because she put roofing shingles inside the house and this lady thought it was so cool that she did it too. Their name were Steve and Debbie (I think-I didn't stare at her name tag for ten minutes while trying to learn the Rumba :D) Smith, they doubt John and Bonnie would remember them. And appearently Dad was the best bishop they ever had. :D

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Bailey the Awesome said...

Oh my gosh thats hilarious!! When ever people in my church hear I'm related to the Lunds they always have some crazy story about how they know them and ask me to say hello for them!! I guess it comes w/ having great relatives!!